Comrise Technology has launched an exciting new partnership with HPCC Systems, an open source high performance computing cluster platform used to solve customers’ Big Data problems.

HPCC’s unique architecture and simple yet powerful data programming language (ECL) makes it a very attractive solution to companies worldwide. As an HPCC Systems Partner, Comrise leverages its global network of talent and resources to provide HPCC-based business solutions to our domestic and global customers.

Comrise focuses on fully understanding the Big Data issues of our clients in order to provide the most effective and resource-efficient Big Data solutions across the full spectrum of HPCC-related services, such as HPCC Consultation, ECL Training and Implementations, and 24x7 HPCC Support.

Comrise Director of Operations, Robert Bigini, explained,“Comrise is uniquely positioned to help HPCC Systems customers implement Big Data solutions. Our team’s goal is to identify and understand the unique needs of each of our clients in order to deliver top-caliber talent and provide the most effective and resource-efficient solutions. We are especially pleased to bring this expertise to HPCC customers through this exciting new partnership.”