GridIron’s OneAppliance iNode and Zettaset’s Orchestrator™ Big Data platform combine to create a reference architecture focused on performance, simplicity, and efficiency for large-scale Hadoop users.

GridIron Systems has announced that it is collaborating with Big Data software innovator, Zettaset, to develop a reference architecture for virtual Hadoop clusters utilizing Flash to improve the efficiency of inter-node communications. The reference architecture provides Hadoop users with an efficient, pre-configured alternative to building and configuring racks of servers, storage, and software for large-scale deployments.

“Hadoop is the great enabler for complex analytics that require the aggregation of huge amounts of data from many sources,” said Jim Vogt, CEO at Zettaset. “However, as Hadoop clusters continue to grow, they can suffer from performance degradation. Zettaset has worked closely with GridIron to build a powerful infrastructure platform that combines high density and high performance in a single powerful package. Users can now concentrate on building business value from their data and not worry about the underlying platform.”

The virtual Hadoop cluster architecture integrates the Zettaset Orchestrator software with the GridIron OneAppliance iNode. Orchestrator optimizes the performance, security, and health of Hadoop. iNode provides the high-performance supercompute, storage, and high-bandwidth connectivity Hadoop requires in a Big Data appliance. Both iNode and Orchestrator support virtualization, so users can quickly and easily adapt the platform to meet their specific business needs.

The GridIron OneAppliance iNode integrates supercomputing with engineered high-bandwidth Flash data storage to deliver the industry’s first all-Flash ultra-high bandwidth Big Data appliance. It’s the highest performance server Flash system available in the industry today. This revolutionary approach breaks through the imbalance of current server-Flash solutions by providing unprecedented scale and bandwidth to meet the demands of multi-core servers. The iNode is a single 10-rack unit system that can simplify and consolidate sprawling clusters of storage and servers without sacrificing performance.
The Zettaset Orchestrator Big Data platform accelerates time to value with an enterprise-ready solution which has been hardened to achieve higher levels of performance, security, and availability. Orchestrator’s automated approach enables Hadoop clusters to be operational within hours, reduces unnecessary dependencies on professional services, and dramatically lowers IT expenses. Orchestrator also has the flexibility to work with any of the major Hadoop distributions currently available.

“This new reference architecture solves key Big Data challenges, such as time pressure, resource availability and cost-efficiency” said Som Sikdar, CTO at GridIron Systems. “Together with Zettaset, we can provide a pre-configured Hadoop-cluster-in-a-box that is a better value option than a DIY build. Because the high-bandwidth iNode uses Flash in a way that is optimized for Big Data environments and virtualization, there is an immediate reduction in power and data center footprint.”