High Performance Computing Technology Deployment based on AMD Opteron Processors

Appro has announced that the Appro Xtreme-X Supercomputer based on AMD Opteron processors was deployed by Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Institutional Computing Program.

This deployment represents approximately $10 Million in production computing capability. The Xtreme-X Supercomputer will be used to address LANL’s HPC needs for unclassified scientific computing and included complete factory-integrated and pre-tested systems with HPC professional services and support.  

The Appro Xtreme-X Supercomputer, named “Mustang” by the LANL Institutional Computing Program will provide high performance computing resources to a variety of activities at Los Alamos including ocean, wildfire, plasma physics, materials and nuclear energy.  The Climate, Ocean, and Sea Ice Modeling (COSIM) project, a part of the climate modeling program in the DOE’s Office of Science, is a partner with Institutional Computing in this acquisition.

The Appro Xtreme-X Supercomputer consists of two processors per node with a total of 38,400 cores, 353 Tflops based on the current 12-core AMD Opteron 6100 Series processor. It is designed to optimize floor space, power, and cooling requirements using air-cooling technology with platinum-rated power supplies and high-efficient fans, integrated with console management server capabilities. The system is interconnected with single-rail 4x Mellanox QDR IB (Quad Data Rate InfiniBand) and integrated with the Tri-Laboratory Common Computing Environment (CCE) software stack built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution and additional 3rd party and open source software.

“Scientific computing is a core capability of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and the addition of the Appro Xtreme-X Supercomputer based on the AMD Opteron processor will provide a broad array of science-based prediction modeling " said Andy White, Deputy Associate Director for Theory, Simulation and Computation.  “By combining observations, data, and theory with complex modeling, extremely fast computers and visualization capabilities we can achieve a better understanding of the physical world on all scales; from the cosmically large to the infinitesimally small.”

"It is a pleasure to work with LANL on the Mustang supercomputing project.  This purchase validates our unique architecture and HPC capabilities to address the challenges of the world's fastest computers," said Daniel Kim, CEO of Appro. "The Appro Xtreme-X Supercomputer based on the AMD Opteron processor offers fast data output and the highest levels of performance, scalability and manageability to help usher in a new era of science-based modeling prediction." 

“AMD is excited to collaborate with Appro to deliver the performance scaling, memory bandwidth, floating point capabilities and energy efficiency that HPC workloads and customers around the world demand,” said Patrick Patla, vice president and general manager, Server and Embedded divisions, AMD. “It’s an honor that the Los Alamos National Laboratory, a frontrunner in high performance computing, has chosen AMD as the foundation for this Appro supercomputing deployment aimed at improving climate change projections to better predict and understand our world’s dynamic climate.” 

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