Imperva has announced the availability of SecureSphere Support for Cloudera. Imperva's product portfolio protects applications and data across repositories, including structured, semi-structured, unstructured and cloud. With SecureSphere Support for Cloudera, organizations can mitigate costly non-compliance fines and protect against data breaches as they leverage Big Data deployments to deliver business value.

Phase one of Imperva's Big Data protection solution is centered on a partnership with Cloudera, a leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop.  SecureSphere Support for Cloudera offers organizations a comprehensive solution for auditing and protecting structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in those deployments. SecureSphere's Cloudera support enables organizations to leverage their familiar SecureSphere interface to protect data within their Cloudera Navigator deployments, delivering a new layer of protection that keeps high-value data assets safe, yet accessible.

"As more organizations move sensitive data into Hadoop, the importance of security and governance takes center stage. Cloudera Navigator is the only native end-to-end governance solution for Hadoop and is part of Cloudera Enterprise's comprehensive data security and governance offering. We're thrilled that with the announcement of SecureSphere support for Cloudera Navigator, Imperva's customers now have simple, single-pane view into Hadoop and all their other systems for meeting their compliance and security needs," said Tim Stevens, vice president, Business and Corporate Development, Cloudera.

On March 26, 2014, Gartner published a report titled, "Big Data Needs a Data-Centric Security Focus."  In this report, Gartner points out that "Chief information security officers (CISOs) should not treat big data security in isolation, but [rather] require policies that encompass all data silos to avoid security chaos." The report goes on to recommend that CISOs "[e]valuate current implementations of data-centric audit and protection solutions against data security policies that address database, unstructured, cloud storage and big data silos."

"A lot of our customers embark on Big Data projects to extract business value, and before long these become large production environments with sensitive data that have compliance and security implications," said Mark Kraynak, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing for Imperva. "Most conventional security approaches and tools weren't built to scale with the high volume, velocity and variety of sensitive data stored within Big Data environments. SecureSphere Support for Cloudera is an integral part of our data center security vision, and we believe that our partnership with Cloudera is the first step in delivering on the Big Data component of our vision." 

SecureSphere Data-Centric Audit and Protection
SecureSphere supports relational databases, file systems, mainframe, and SharePoint repositories, providing out-of-the-box audit and security policies to identify unauthorized access to sensitive data and to protect against data breaches. With the addition of Cloudera Hadoop support, Imperva is marching towards its vision of providing audit and protection to all data regardless of what form or container it resides in. This release of SecureSphere Support for Cloudera includes auditing and protection for Apache Hive, a SQL-like interface for Hadoop data warehousing, packaged with Cloudera Enterprise.

SecureSphere Support for Cloudera is generally available today, and Imperva intends to expand coverage to other Big Data platforms and distributions in future SecureSphere releases.