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  1. A video summarizing the new method to identify unbiased indicators from big data and its possible applications. CREDIT Servadio J.L. and Convertino M, Science Advances, Feb. 2, 2018
  2. Personal health is a world-wide issue which poses a lot of problems especially where quality health services may be scarce and unsupervised. In order to revolutionize the system of examining CT scans of various diseases, Lung Cancer Detection System (LUCID) has been developed by Pakistani researchers. The accuracy levels showed by this proposed systems are remarkable. The new system is taking 7 mi...
  3. This is the Centaurus A galaxy system.
  4. Researchers discuss how they machine learning techniques to identify clinical concepts in radiologist reports for CT scans. This technology is an important first step in the development of artificial intelligence that could interpret scans and diagnose conditions.