Intilop announced delivery of their new Ultra Low latency 4th Gen 10G Nano TOE. This extends their leadership of more than 3 years in providing full TOEs. Their mature, network proven series of TOE's have been deployed in hundreds of networks worldwide, including major world stock exchanges and financial institutions enabling trade executions in less than 1 us now!

Intilop's Nano TOE provides enormous benefits to the whole Networking industry including: Financial, Aerospace & Defense, Cloud computing, High Performance Computing, Telecom, Digital Broadcasting, Research Institutes, Data-centers, Wireless and Network storage industries.

This Nano TOE IP Core delivers unprecedented latency measured at 76 nanoseconds at 100% 20Gbps in full duplex. This is the most deterministic and jitter free performance ever by any complex protocol controller. It is fully compliant with IEEE-802.3 specifications and RFCs of the TCP/IP protocol

The Nano TOE IP-Core series implements many key standards and protocols in pure hardware such as; IPv4, ARP, ICMP, VLAN, Jumbo frames up to 9K bytes plus many more options. TOE implements up to 256 concurrent TCP sessions that can easily be scaled up or down. It allows seamless drop-in integration with FPGA devices and ASICs.

Nano TOE is also pre-integrated with Intilop's low latency (20 ns) MAC as an IP Core bundle which delivers unprecedented lowest total latency of 96 nanoseconds from the EMAC's input to TOE's output. Also available as pre-integrated full system with PCIe/DMA tested on FPGA platforms. An optimized version of which can deliver a total system latency of 1 us from wire to user-space.

Intilop was the first company to deliver full TCP/IP stack in FPGA in early 2009 and has consistently broken latency records with their subsequent products.

"These new Nano-TOE and MAC IP Cores and solutions extend our leadership in the industry and add another feather in our hat. Our existing series of complex mega IP cores and solutions have been delivering very high performance in various networks out there," says Kelly Masood, Intilop's CTO.