SMSC announced that Victory Concept Electronics has selected SMSC's KleerNet technology to deliver low latency, lossless wireless audio streaming technology.

"We selected SMSC's KleerNet technology due to its innovation in the design of RF based wireless audio solutions as well as the quality of its engineering support," said Jenny Wong, Managing Director at Victory Concepts. "One of our greatest challenges in delivering high quality stereo audio comes from WiFi interference. KleerNet's Wireless DNA technology solves this problem while delivering uncompressed, high quality audio transmission. As part of our reference designs for wireless speakers and headphones, we are creating a win-win solution for our customers."

"Expanding our relationships in the Asia Pacific region is an important step in our global growth initiatives for our entire wireless audio product portfolio," said Gene Sheridan, Senior Vice President and General Manager of SMSC's Wireless Products Group. "Victory Concept has established itself as a reliable technical resource for the development of wireless audio and other consumer based electronics products. We believe the combination of our expertise with their channel will provide many new growth opportunities."

More on SMSC's Wireless Audio Platform

SMSC's focus on wireless audio solutions propels the company to a leadership position in the wireless audio market. Kleer technology enables high quality, low latency wireless distribution of digital content to headphones, speakers and other audio devices to enhance the consumer's listening experience. SMSC's KleerNet technology gives consumers the option of choosing among KleerNet-enabled audio products from various consumer brands for use in their home, office, or portable applications. Examples of wireless audio products that incorporate KleerNet technology are 5.1/7.1 surround sound home theater systems, sound bars, sub-woofers, headphones, and gaming and VOIP headsets. KleerNet wireless audio products are designed to co-exist with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth traffic and support multi-band RF, low latency and high bit and sampling rates. In addition, SMSC's JukeBlox platform offers popular music applications along with the industry standard Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces to give customers access to music content from all over the world via their home networks or the Internet.