With Project CloudPYME Galician SMEs and Northern Portugal Metalworking and Metallurgy sectors will benefit from a unique initiative that will improve their international competitiveness the inclusion in their software processes free CAD, CAE and simulation.

O Centro de Supercomputación de Galicia, CESGA, along with Metallurgical Research Association Northwest AIMEN, the Center Technological Support to Industry Metalomecânicas, Catimar and Associaçao of Industriais Metalomecânicas Metalúrxicos and Portugal, AIMMAP want to encourage innovation in SMEs in the south of Galicia and Northern Portugal, through the use of advanced design, engineering and supercomputer simulation.
Companies are increasingly using computer modeling and simulation for increase their competitive advantage. CESGA AIMEN, Catimar And AIMMAP have joined forces to provide through this project, access to simulation software and open source additional capacity computing. CESGA and its partners will his experience of these technologies to the productive sector in the Euroregion. The ultimate goal is to help companies to increase their competitiveness through innovation. Thus, CloudPYME Project through small and medium manufacturing industries will have to provide a series of advanced technologies and cutting-edge expertise.

CloudPYME help companies in Galicia and northern Portugal to have access tools that can really drive innovation in their processes and products.
The ultimate goal of the project is providing companies with knowledge, facilitating access to simulation tools without licensing costs them to improve their products more efficiently and effectively, cheaply and in a short time, and a proportional support platform for use.

Galician and Portuguese companies during 2012 will be added to the execution of pilots they allow access to supercomputing environments, as well as training use specific tools. CloudPYME intended as a support for companies so that they become competent users of technologies advanced computing, carrying out projects that produce tangible benefits.

The total project cost is 417,280, of which 75% is funded ERDF through the second round of Cooperation Operational Programme Border Spain - Portugal, 2007-2013 POCTEP.
More project information available http://www.cloudpyme.eu.