Crossbeam Systems announced that the latest version of Check Point's Security Gateway, R75.40, has been certified to run on its X-Series security platforms.

R75.40 includes more than 100 new security features that span the entire Check Point network security portfolio to provide multi-layered threat protection. With this certification, customers can run R75.40 alongside multiple other Crossbeam-certified software applications from leading independent software vendors (ISVs) on a single X-Series platform.

"Customers rely on Crossbeam to build high-performance security infrastructure using the best security technology on the market," said Jim Freeze, chief marketing officer for Crossbeam. "To support them, we are committed to making sure that our ISV partners' latest security applications are certified to run on the X-Series. Now customers can benefit from the most advanced multi-layered protection from Check Point on a platform that has proven its ability to deliver the highest levels of real-world security performance, scalability and reliability."

Check Point was certified through Crossbeam's iBeam certification program, which rigorously tests the compatibility, interoperability and performance of best-in-class security applications from ISVs running on the X-Series. In iBeam tests, the combined ISV software and X-Series hardware are placed in a laboratory environment that mimics the complex, layered architectures of large enterprise and service provider networks, and are stressed with extreme traffic loads embedded with security threats to simulate real-world conditions. This certification assures customers that deploying Check Point on the X-Series will provide the carrier-class performance and reliability they require.

Crossbeam's X-Series allows organizations to take advantage of security virtualization to consolidate multiple security appliances and related network devices onto a single high-performance chassis, slashing total cost of ownership by as much as 70 percent when compared to alternative solutions on the market today. Customers take advantage of the security protection and control offered by Crossbeam's leading ISV partners - Actiance, Check Point, Imperva, McAfee, and Sourcefire - on a platform that can easily scale to meet network demand while reducing the cost and complexity of security management.