Enhanced evaluation services now available worldwide

Wallace International has expanded its already successful unconventional reservoir petrophysical evaluation program to include flow unit and geo-mechanical brittleness assessments. This enhanced evaluation suite is now available worldwide and can be applied to reservoirs with significant complexities. Wallace International's services are designed to help Operators reduce costly mistakes, especially in unconventional oil and gas resource plays and reservoirs with very low permeability.

"As Operators develop unconventional resources like the Bakken Shale in North Dakota or West Texas' Cline Shale, they need data they can rely on to help pinpoint drilling and completion strategies," said James Wallace, Managing Director of Wallace International. "Our low-cost evaluation services effectively identify optimal zones to place laterals and stimulate zones of interest. The end result is increased production potential while mitigating some of the risks of development."

Wallace International specializes in providing cost effective solutions for solving complex reservoir heterogeneities. By integrating well data such as core, mud logs, and well tests with standard logging suites, Wallace International utilizes proprietary inversion models and petrophysical flow unit technologies to build a detailed map of the reservoir mineralogy and near well bore flow / no-flow profile. The company's new geo-mechanical modeling also yields a brittleness factor along with other mechanical properties of interest. In all, Operators are better able to identify targets for stimulation or drilling the production lateral well.

Wallace International can also help Operators fill in the gaps when it comes to missing evaluation data. If the only acoustic log available is compressional velocity, then a synthetic shear velocity log can be obtained using the lithology outputs from the inversion modeling along with the compressional velocity data. Once the shear velocity is estimated, the calculation of the mechanical properties and degree of brittleness can be obtained.