Hyve Solutions, a division of SYNNEX, has announced it has entered a software licensing agreement with IBM to offer IBM InfoSphere BigInsights software with the Hyve Solutions BigD family of hardware. The turnkey platform provides midmarket clients with an enterprise-class, big data system to help innovators and early adopters quickly deploy Hadoop-based analytics without the need for on premise professional services or developers.

Small to medium-sized businesses are looking for an easier way to analyze big data and uncover hidden insights inside vast amounts of unstructured data. The Hyve Solutions BigD offerings, including Series2 and Series8 systems, address this need and can be easily deployed in a fraction of the time required by traditional Hadoop implementations.

"Hyve Solutions clients can now take advantage of IBM's big data analytics software to analyze up to hundreds of terabytes of data using our affordable and highly optimized solutions. Ultimately, our midmarket clients want to use big data for a competitive advantage and to boost their bottom line," said Steve Ichinaga, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Hyve Solutions.

InfoSphere BigInsights software was developed by more than 200 IBM research scientists and brings the power of the open source technology, Apache Hadoop, to the enterprise. The software is part of IBM's big data platform that enables clients to develop a new class of applications to perform advanced analytics on data in its native form, optimize workloads, and apply security and governance to big data.

"Big data analytics are creating business opportunities for midmarket companies that are willing to explore new kinds of data for strategic decision making," said Anjul Bhambhri, Vice President of Big Data Products, IBM. "The combination of Hyve Solutions and IBM technologies provides clients with an integrated system that makes it easier for smaller organizations to tap big data in ways they've never done before."

To achieve enterprise class standards in BigD systems, Hyve Solutions and IBM collaborated with Zettaset, Inc. to build in safeguards that provide service management, failover and restart, as well as alerting and monitoring features. Each system comes with a suite of plug and play applications that runs seamlessly with BigInsights.

"Our mission is to analyze more data, more quickly, and in a smaller footprint," says Jim Vogt, CEO of Zettaset, Inc. "Working with Hyve Solutions and IBM, we've simplified big data for deployment on enterprise class commodity hardware."

Hyve Solutions and IBM also partnered with Fusion-io, Inc. FIO +1.20% to achieve high data throughput and scalable performance for the BigD Series8 cluster.

For more information on how to purchase Hyve Solutions BigD products, visit www.hyvesolutions.com or call the Hyve Solutions team at 855-869-6873 or sales@hyvesolutions.com

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