Mellanox’s comprehensive InfiniBand interconnect solutions enable the world’s fastest and most efficient infrastructure for Cloud deployments

Mellanox Technologies has announced that ProfitBricks has selected Mellanox’s full range of end-to-end InfiniBand products, for its cloud hosting infrastructure in the US and European data centers. Utilizing Mellanox’s InfiniBand interconnect solutions, ProfitBricks offers 4X higher transfer rates with 10X lower latency times than comparable Cloud IaaS providers based on 10 Gigabit Ethernet. ProfitBricks offer dual port InfiniBand connectivity to the server in order to insure high-performance and redundancy. In addition, Mellanox’s advanced interconnect reliability enables ProfitBricks with rapid infrastructure scalability without efficiency or stability loss.

“Mellanox’s InfiniBand interconnect solutions offer unprecedented performance that enables us to achieve transmission speeds 8X faster than current Ethernet standards permit,” said Achim Weiss company founder and CEO of ProfitBricks. “The collaboration between Mellanox and ProfitBricks has resulted in a high-performance Cloud IaaS solution platform at a low cost on which service providers can utilize for large-scale virtualization initiatives and cloud deployments.”

“Mellanox’s InfiniBand interconnect solutions lead the industry with performance, enterprise class reliability and high availability, improving Cloud infrastructure return-on-investment,” said Gilad Shainer, vice president of market development at Mellanox Technologies. “Leveraging Mellanox’s unmatched InfiniBand interconnect performance, efficiency and scalability capabilities, ProfitBricks enables Cloud service providers with a fast, stable, reliable and scalable on-demand virtualized infrastructure.”