Geospatial solution provider Geoplex partners with leading modeling tool vendor Sparx Systems to provide enhanced tools and support for the growing geospatial solutions market

Sparx Systems has announced a partnership with Geoplex. The partnership follows the ongoing success of Sparx Systems' flagship modeling platform, Enterprise Architect, within the geospatial sector. Widely used within the geospatial community to manage information architectures, Enterprise Architect has been adopted within the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to maintain all ISO19100 family models for use by the members of the ISO/TC 211 community in the creation of standards.

Geoplex combines expert geospatial knowledge and modern agile processes to help organizations successfully design and implement geospatial databases and applications, and integrate these into broader business systems.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect supports requirements definition through to deployment for a wide range of solutions, including geospatial business solutions, and embraces the full product development lifecycle while facilitating the integration of models between systems.

"Our partnership with Geoplex is a very exciting development at a time, when business is increasingly looking at the integrated solutions that are possible through geospatial technology," said Ken Harkin, Business Development Manager at Sparx Systems. "Interoperability among information technologies, enabled through new geospatial standards, creates opportunities that will promote a new generation of advanced business solutions and applications. Enterprise Architect is supporting this future on a global basis."

Geoplex General Manager Adam Smith said, "The relationship with Sparx Systems will help underpin our capability to provide world class modeling and design services to the rapidly expanding geospatial marketplace. We use Enterprise Architect widely in our systems engineering process to model and build geodatabases, manage requirements, design software and perform lifecycle planning. The Enterprise Architect toolset is well known for allowing rapid development of well-designed and documented software tools, and the addition of core geospatial modeling capabilities means the tools will play an even more important role in geospatial solutions. We're really excited to be working with Sparx Systems."

Enterprise Architect 9, the most recent product release from Sparx Systems, is available for download and evaluation from: