A preliminary meeting for Brazil's Rio+20, in June

Today, Petrobras' CEO, José Sergio Gabrielli de Azevedo, takes part in the Global Pact meeting at the UN Headquarters in New York, in preparation for the Rio+20 - Corporate Sustainability Forum. The forum is part of the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development, which will take place in Brazil, in June 2012. Heads of State from around the world will come to discuss sustainability and measures to preserve the environment.

For the first time, a United Nations initiative allows private companies to participate in debates at the Conference on Sustainable Development. The meeting in New York, which ends today, serves to lay out the foundations for this integration.

The Global Pact will promote the Rio+20 event - Corporate Sustainability Forum - together with the UN and the Brazilian Network of the Global Pact, from June 15 to the 19, 2012. The goal is to strengthen a business contribution for sustainable development at a global level, seeking to find solutions and implement innovative projects. Over ahundred CEOs of private companies are expected at the Rio+20 event. It will be a chance for businesses, industries and investors to discuss goals and sustainability programs with governmental representatives, local authorities, society and UN entities.

Today in New York, debates,lectures and discussions will be regarding the Rio+20 themes: Climate and Energy, Agriculture and Food, Water, Biodiversity, Social Development, Governance and Combating Corruption; Urbanization and Cities; Finance and Responsible Investment, and Education and Research. They will focus on the following: Partnerships, Innovation, Transparency and Accountability, and Value Chain Management.

Petrobras and Rio+20

Petrobras is preparing for Rio+20 by means of a working group made up of the mains areas of the Company and its subsidiaries to present proposals for corporate positioning to approach the topics equally to be discussed in the forum, highlighting the role and responsibilities of the Company.

In addition to promoting Petrobras as an active participant in the discussions and preparatory meetings for the conference, the working group shows the Company's interaction with other organizations, particularly the governmental and the corporate sector, which should also have relevant participation in the event. The group also monitors mobilization of non-governmental organizations and civil society, to identify partnership opportunities.